Volunteers, Food, and Gift Cards Needed ASAP for Holiday Party for SBISD Transportation Department

Our district PTAs have once again been asked to help host a holiday party for the SBISD Transportation Department, INCLUDING the BUS DRIVERS.  The celebration is this coming Monday, December 17, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, at the Transportation Complex, 1066 Gessner, Building B.  Everything from volunteers to food to gift cards are needed.  If you can help, please click the Sign Up Genius link below.

PLEASE pass on this email to your school communities and friends this amazing opportunity to show our bus drivers how much we appreciate them and celebrate them.  Our bus drivers carefully get our sweet babies to and from school everyday safely.  They may wait by our driveways when we are late.  They look out for our children.  They manage all kinds of chaos.  What would we do without them?!?!?  Volunteer for an hour or just drop off something.  Thanks in advance for your help, support and passing on the word.


Happy Holidays!  Good luck during the last week of this semester!


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Keep the Car Rider Line Moving

With over 220 cars rolling through car rider line every morning between 7:20-7:55 am you can imagine the safety concerns. This is why we installed this sign. Please help us keep our kids safe and the line moving by waiting until you pass this sign to let your kids out of the car.

I know it feels like you are helping when you let the kids out before but it actually holds the line up. You also want to exit faster and that creates two situations that cause slow downs and safety concerns by you moving into the left lane and speeding out of the lot causing a back up to exit. So by waiting until you pass this sign it keeps the flow of cars moving through drop off and out of the drive area onto Brittmoore.

To keep the care rider line moving safely remember:

1. Wait until you pass the Car Rider drop off sign
2. Do not speed down the left lane to get out
3. Do not back up traffic getting out of the school drive area onto Brittmoore.

These three things will keep our kids safe and keep you moving. Thanks for your help. Please spread the word.

Everything You Need to Know About Viva RCE Auction

Read ‘Taco Talk’ for all the information you need for this year’s auction!

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Making Our Schools Better Campaign – SBEF

Making Our Schools Better is what Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) does.

SBEF provides a vehicle for private funding to enhance education for our 35,000 students. All donations to SBEF – 100 percent! – remain in SBISD to fund programs that support our teachers and prepare our students for the future.

By making a donation, you contribute to student success in our district – one student, one classroom, one school, one community at a time!

Click here to view flyer and donate!

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