Bike Safety rules for RCE BIKE BRIGADE

Bike Rider parents I need your help.
Lately we have had more kids riding without their helmets and this could be dangerous. Please express the importance of helmets when riding their bikes. This is not only the law in Houston for kids under the age of 17 but it is just good common sense safety.

Also bike riders need to be mindful of the cars around them whether parked or moving. I have noticed some dangerous behavior with kids riding between parked cars or turning in front of moving cars coming behind them. Bike riders need to look and communicate with all drivers before making any moves and try to be as predictable as they can, not making sudden changes or turning in front of the cars.

Lastly our bike riders need to be respectful of slower traffic, meaning if kids are riding or walking slower in front of them they need to slow down until they can safely pass them. Recently I noticed a bike rider crash into another rider from behind. Just like when you are driving a car it is the responsibility of the following vehicle to adjust their speed not the leading vehicle. Please ask your kids to either slow down or walk their bikes until they can safely make it around those in front of them but also maintain normal rules of traffic. This means not darting around into the street or other unsafe areas without checking their surroundings.

Getting kids out of the cars and buses is a great thing and the more they ride the more these issues need to be addressed. We want all our kids to be safe, please help.