RCE Bike Brigade is Every Friday

We will begin counting bikers and walkers on Fridays to turn into the National Bike & Walk to school so please spread the word to try to bike or walk to school on Fridays. I realize that it will be tough for those of you that are displaced so everyone else really needs to try hard to ride your bikes or walk to school. Help RCE be one of the strongest schools in the nation again.

Ideas to make it fun for all:
1. Organize a Walking Bus from your street where you pick up kids as you head towards school, This is as easy as a couple of parents at the end of you street start the walk with their kids and everyone joins as you walk up the street.
2. Have a meeting point for a group of kids to all ride together, the more the merrier.
3. Connect with other parents about walking to school and then going for a run/walk afterwards to incorporate your morning work outs.
4.After school playdates, kids will love going to their friends house after school for a couple of hours. So connect with a gathering house and let them go there after school.