School Supplies – SY 2017/18

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School Supply Flyer

Why order through School Tool Box?

1. It’s cost effective! Our generous PTA has decided to pay for all specialty school supplies, such as workbooks, recorders, and Scholastic News. This allows us to keep the price as low as possible on each school supplies box. The price of the box covers the supplies your child will need, rounded up to the nearest dollar for simplicity.

2. Your time is valuable! Don’t spend hours driving from store to store to find exactly what your child’s teacher requests. Ordering from School Tool Box takes all of the hassle out. Click it and forget it!

3. Teachers prefer it! The supplies are delivered to the classrooms before the first day of school. This gives teachers time to organize, label, and get ready to hit the ground running on August 21st!

4. School Tool Box donates one meal to a starving child through Feed My Starving Children for each box sold. What a wonderful way to simplify your life while helping the life of a child less fortunate!

You can order online at between now and June 23rd.
**Remember to order the grade your child will be in for the 2017-2018 school year!**

Your child will walk into his/her classroom on August 21st with all of the supplies he/she needs for a fantastic year!