Legislative Info

The 86th Legislature began this past Tuesday with Rep. D Bonnen being sworn in as Speaker of the House.

Priorities for the 86th Legislature were adopted by the Board of Trustees on Sept. 24, 2018, and fall under five broad issues:

  • School Financing
  • School Safety
  • Local Control
  • Accountability and Assessment
  • Pre-Kindergarten 

Click here to read about these issues in more detail

For SBISD, Robin Hood (or recapture) payments have increased 1600% in 9 years (2009-2018) –Click here to view the Robin Hood Flyer

SBISD will send back $88 million to the state and receive only $22 million in state funding. Meaning $66 million of your property taxes are not used in SBISD.

Click on this Link to watch DR. Muri speak more about this ­- https://vimeo.com/310116307

Visit any of these sites to learn more:

  1. Texas PTA – www.txpta.org
  2. Spring Branch Speaks – www.springbranchspeaks.com
  3. Parents for Full & Fair Funding (PF3) – www.parentsforfullfairfunding.org