Letter to Parents

RCE Parents, let your voices be heard!

The Texas Legislature convenes in Austin for 140 days only every other year. The 86th Texas Legislature convened in January 2019. RCE PTA needs your help because several proposed bills will impact our school.

School finance will be a major topic of discussion in this legislative session. Education funding in Texas is about 30% lower than the US average. Also, funding in Texas is not equitable because of recapture practice (known as the “Robin Hood” plan). Districts are categorized as “wealthy” or not, based on estimated taxable land value, not the actual economics of the area or families they serve. For example, even though 57% of SBISD students are considered economically disadvantaged, SBISD is considered “property-wealthy” and is subject to a recapture payment to the state. Under current law, the State is reducing its share of public education funding responsibility by relying on increases in local property taxes which then disproportionally flow out of the “property wealthy” districts. This is impacting SBISD’s ability to provide important programs and resources to its students.

SBISD is advocating for reforming the current funding system, which is inadequate to meet state and community expectations. SBISD has adopted other legislative priorities centering on school safety mandates, local control, accountability and assessment, and fully funding pre-kindergarten. For more information, please go to rcepta.com and click on the “Legislative” tab.

Please make your voice heard by writing to your elected representative on the attached postcard. Personalized comments are the most effective.  You can write something as simple as: “Dear (inserted elected official of choice)[1],  My child attends Rummel Creek Elementary in SBISD. Please focus on revising the way public education is funded. Recapture needs to be readdressed and more funding from the state needs to be put into public schools.”  Or, you may ask for your representative to focus on any other issue adopted by the SBISD board of trustees (e.g., funding dyslexic programs, assessments that reduce the emphasis on STAAR). Once you fill out the postcard, please return it to your child’s teacher and we will address and mail it!

Your input is critical and invaluable! Your elected representatives tally the number of times an issue is raised by their constituents.

Thank you! Your RCE PTA.

[1]RCE’s elected representatives are: Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, State Senator Paul Bettencourt, State Representative Jim Murphy.