Things to Do

Sign up for Under the Dome
Under the Dome is the Texas PTA’s legislative newsletter. You can sign up here:


Attend Texas PTA Rally Day on February 25th
Rally Day is an important day in which PTAs from across the state travel to Austin to stand shoulder to shoulder appealing for legislators to back the future of every child. Grab some friends and join us on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019. We will attend sessions to learn about education issues, rally on the Capitol steps with fellow PTA members and go to pre-scheduled meetings with legislators and/or their staff. No experience or preparation is needed. When we work together, we can do big things!

For more information on Rally Day, go to:


Know Your Elected Officials
RCE’s elected representatives are: Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, State Senator Paul Bettencourt, State Representative Jim Murphy. For more information go to: Consider following your representatives on Twitter and Facebook, and save their webpages in your browser.


Write to Your Elected Officials
Legislators want to hear from constituents! Personalized comments are the most effective.  You can write something as simple as “Dear (inserted elected official of choice), My child attends Rummel Creek Elementary in SBISD. I’d like for you to focus on revising the way public education is funded.  Recapture needs to be readdressed and more funding from the state needs to be put into public schools.” Or, you may ask for your representative to focus on any other issue adopted by the SBISD board of trustees (e.g., funding dyslexic programs, meaningful assessment that reduce the emphasis on STAAR).

We will provide postcards at RCE’s front desk so please feel free to fill one out every time you come to school. We will address and mail it for you if you leave it in the basket provided.

For tips on letter writing, go to: